Early Adopters are great, but the real market is with the Early Majority, who are about ten times as numerous. See the last post for more.

This piece outlines the first way to botch your marketing with your most important audience.

Are You Ready For This?

While the Early Adopters who first bought your product were willing to put up with some hiccups and glitches, people in the Early Majority won’t. They are looking for something that works. They’re impatient and unforgiving. Once you screw it up for them, they will not be back.

Good Advertising Makes Bad Products Fail Faster

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if what you’re selling frustrates the people who buy it, marketing is the last thing you want.

So before you go out to sell to the people who will help you make your real money, make sure what you have to offer will perform for them. Remember they’re less technical than your initial buyers. They’re looking for a plug-and-play solution, and they don’t want to help you figure it out. So do that before you put yourself in front of them.

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