Here’s a little thought experiment: Off the top of your head, think of the five most powerful company brands you know. Define ‘powerful’ however you like.

Now, consider the images that come to mind with the brands you chose. Okay? I promise you chose companies with powerful and consistent visual brand identities.

My first five are Apple, Nike, BMW, Coca-Cola, and IBM. Aside from having a big share of my mind, these brands each have instantly recognizable brand identities and are among the most profitable companies on the planet. Of course, some people will say we know the brand ID because they’re huge companies, but when we look at the history of each, the powerful visual came first, followed by the big success.

How you present yourself matters hugely, and how consistent you are with your brand helps you mean something consistent to the people buying your thing. This is why we work hard to create powerful identities for our clients and to be consistent in how we use them everywhere they go. Everything’s better when they’re working together.

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