Your Job is Hard

Marketers and business owners face a multitude of challenges in building innovative businesses. You’re working against Human Nature’s inherent fear of the new, and persuading your audience to engage with your brand can feel like paddling upstream. Beyond facing some of the most difficult brand-building challenges, such as attracting funding, generating awareness and trial, and growing sales and repeat business, you’re dealing with all the politics, chaos, and hangups inherent in innovation marketing.

Over Berman’s 13 years servicing companies in the Innovation Economy, we have helped marketers of brands at every stage of development overcome these obstacles.

In this blog series, Top 3 Challenges of Marketers in Young Companies and Tips to Overcome Them, we will discuss the most common struggles we encounter alongside our marketing clients, and offer advice on how to tackle them. In the next few weeks, we will address:

• Achieving Big Goals with Small Budgets

• Getting the C-Suite on Your Side

• Coping With Entropy

This Saturday, we will tackle Challenge number one, Achieving Big Goals With Small Budgets. Stay tuned.

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Next up: A few of my favorite things, and why they don’t matter: Subjectivity vs objectivity in advertising