Despite its reputation, not every project on KickStarter centers around making potato salad and funding former child-star indie-movie dreams. We’ve traveled down the rabbit hole of the internet to search out ten truly awesome and innovative KickStarter campaigns that not only make a person feel good about donating, but also make it easy to say “Shut up and take my money” and make that thing a reality already.

1. ShredLights // Headlights for Skateboards

Close to our Creative Director’s skateboarding heart, this campaign punnily promises to “shred light” on the problems skaters have when riding at night, mostly avoiding injury by cars. These easy-to-install functional headlights are rechargeable using a split USB cable. ShredLights has just a few days left and a way to go to meet their funding goal, so if you want to donate we suggest doing it soon. Here’s a link to skater “lingo” so you can sound cool in the comments section of the page. You are just so welcome.

2. Homeless Eat Free Food Truck

A noble spin on the freemium model, Corey Phelan combines his dreams of opening a food truck and feeding the homeless. Serving from breakfast to dinner, patrons would be invited to only pay what they can. We have no wit for this one, just a nod and a hearty handshake for Corey. His campaign has only just started and has one backer to it, so feel free to “c’mon ride this foodtruck and get on it.” Ok…maybe we had a little wit to give.

3. Recoil Power Maze

Promising to solve “the biggest cord problem of them all,” this company is already a successful case study for KickStarter, with their first product Recoil Winders raising over $100,000. Now, they are hoping to have that same success with the Power Maze. With woven skin to prevent dust buildup and overheating, this product contains a power strip and flexible polyethylene organizational system that gathers all cords neatly into a box that sits behind your computer. Touting their product as the end of “cable chaos,” they have just the alliteration and hyperbole they need for another successful venture.

4. Waterproof Books

Ever get lost in a good book? Ever lose a good book in the water? H20, also known as every books’ arch nemesis, is about to be permanently defeated if Bibliobath has anything to say about it. With pages made of synthetic paper and waterproof binding, books can now be safely enjoyed in any water, except maybe boiling. Bibliobath has just a couple of days and $2k left to raise to meet their goal, so if you love literature and dislike soggy pages, this is the campaign for you.

5. Leg&Go Most Awesome Balance Bike Ever

Company LegGo promises that their eight-in-one balance bike is everything a first bike should be. Already featured on several tech sites and parent blogs, this product is intended for youngsters aged 8 months to 6 years and boosts that it has been designed for extreme comfort, safety, and quality for durability. So parents, when it comes to your child bike anxiety, I guess this company is telling you to just leg it go.

6. Jewelbots

Already way over their pledged goal with most of a month of fundraising left to go, Jewelbots positions itself as an open-source wearable for teens. This company hopes to inspire the next generation of coders with their programable bracelet. This is starkly in opposition to the weaved friendship bracelets of yesteryear, which probably inspired this past generation of hipsters. This product is part of a growing movement to encourage young girls to consider the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Special shout-out to StemBox, this KickStarter campaign is trying to inspire girls with science, using their monthly subscription science kit. They are in need of donations and your love as well.

7. dRainCube - Redefining water capture devices

Although really more a box than a cube, this company’s focus on sustainability-centered innovation through rain harvesting inspired us to ignore instinct in favor of literal interpretation. This square-shaped rain barrel aims to replace existing rain catchers limited in aesthetic, function, and form. Mounting to the side of your house and inserted into the gutter’s downspout, dRainCube’s elevation allows for the continuous flow of water with a filtering system that produces clean water for gardening, animal water dishes, and easier irrigation after rain. Quick note: Downspout is the name of the tube that runs from gutter to ground. Learn something new everyday, that’s our policy here at Berman

8. NextGen Custom-Grip Chef Knives

It seems like an obvious notion, but knives are one of the most important tools for Chefs and so they should be easy to use and comfortable for the cook who has been chopping for most likely several hours. At least that’s how long we think it takes to chop things, as an ad agency and not a restaurant, cooking isn’t really our strong suit. In comes NextGen, who have created an organically shaped knife grip designed to reduce the stress on the hand. Although they’ve already met their funding goal, they aren’t likely to turn down more money. Plus, if you donate more than $99 for the cause, they send you a free knife. Score.

9.Gecko Switch

Since The Clapper never really got past the 90’s or my grandmother’s house, the world has been waiting for a way to conveniently turn off any lights from anywhere in a room. The Gecko system consists of a Base switch, which replaces the existing light fixture in the room, and the corresponding Gecko switches which connect to the Base switch. The Gecko switches are movable and stick to the wall using “Gecko Glue”. Icons on the switch let the user know which room the movable fixture belongs to. Bonus: The switches connect to smartphones, so users are able to set “light alarms” for getting up in the morning, or if away on business/vacation. I know what you are thinking, and no, no geckos were harmed in the making of Gecko Glue. Surprising, but pleasing nonetheless.

10. The Periodic Table of Entrepreneurs

Going by their first names only like the rockstars they are, Mike & Brian have devised an inspiring and beautifully designed way to celebrate the most influential entrepreneurs in the world of tech startups. A small monetary goal compared to most campaigns, they are looking to raise $3,200 in the next few days in order to print and produce these posters for purchase. Can’t get by with all these entrepreneurs’ faces just on your wall? Have no fear, Startup Founder Playing Cards are here!

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