Jeff Berman


To be honest, I'm terrible at this. I used to play a lot of ball, bike to work, play more guitar. Now I work. It helps that I'm the boss.

Erin Eby


Chasing around two young children at home has redefined the words "burned out" for me. Work is a joy and a relief.

James Ferrell

Web Designer

Step 1: take a break and come back to it later. Step 2, if necessary: just power through it, you big baby. (Those words, verbatim)

Amanda Tramont

Account Manager

Having a life outside work. Working out, spending time with friends & family, cooking, reading & a nice glass of wine keep me centered.

Jake Johnston


Never underestimate the power of a lazy day. When you do a lot during the week, a day of doing nothing helps maintain balance (and sanity).

Next up: What is good work?