Jeff Berman


One of the most lucid thinkers is Bob Hoffman, (link: text: The Ad Contrarian).

Erin Eby


(link: text: Pinterest). I collect images that make me feel something, find what they have in common, distill it, and leverage that in brand work.

James Ferrell

Web Designer

(link: text: Twitter). Tweets are usually not inspiring, but they often contain links to articles at sites like Medium, A List Apart, Smashing, etc.

Carolyn Rodgers

Graphic Designer

(link: text: maintains a great mix of the latest in art and design, usually with paired with interesting interviews.

Jake Johnston


(link: text: Ad Teachings) is my current favorite. It aggregates great creative work, resources, and advice in one place. I try to check it every morning.

Next up: What is good work?