Jessica O'Brien

Social Marketing Manager

Not really an ad - but Loopy's phone case w/ handle Kickstarter (link: text: video) really appealed to me. It simply explained the issue and solution.

James Ferrell

Web Designer

The only YouTube preroll ads that I don't immediately skip are by (link: text: Old ) (link: text: Spice). As for effectiveness, I still use their deodorant, so...

Amanda Tramont

Account Manager

NFL's "(link: text: Super Bowl Babies Choir)." I've watched it at least 20 times and always sing along. It's catchy and straight up fabulous.

Carolyn Rodgers

Graphic Designer

(link: text: Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables) by Marcel. These ads showcase "ugly" produce, but the compositions are unexpectedly beautiful and funny.

Jake Johnston


(link: text: Ocedel - Firefly Man). This Japanese ad was so bizarre/funny that I remembered the brand just so I could tell people how to search for it.

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