I’m 50% Irish. So every year on this day, 50% of me turns into a party-pooping grump. The remaining 50% stays Polish.

“They don’t even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland!” I shout, at random passersby, in their Irish Yoga shirts and absolutely NSFW kiss me and more shirts.

As years have passed I’ve learned to come to terms with the fun. I throw back a pint of Guinness, dress myself in green, and take pride that others actually want to share my heritage for the day.

Only thing I’m confused about is who is this St. Patricia everyone keeps talking about?

St. Patricia apparently enjoys some Dunkies.

Also, Krispy Kreme. St. Patricia may in fact be the saint of donuts.

She’s a fan of Rocky Mountain cold beer, which is surprising, as I pegged her as a Smithwicks’ gal myself.

St. Patricia is into skinny jeans and plaid button-downs.

And responsible banking.

St. Patricia may be the patron saint of fly gear.

Or Vegas casino rainbows.

St. Patricia is definitely NOT a muggle.

See? She can keep a rootless plant alive in water by stem alone. Clearly a wizard.

She’s a fan of Guinness, which is nice. Wait, are those green things donuts?

St. Patricia Peppermint Pat-Tea Patty’s Day!

In conclusion, getting timing right on social is tough. Especially because just like all of the other holidays, St. Patricia’s Day comes only once a year.

Let’s check in with some Irish brands to see how they are celebrating St. Patricia’s Day.

I’ve never been more excited to see Happy St. Paddy’s Day in my life.

If you’re interested in learning about the real St. Patricia, read more here.

Cheers, everyone.

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