Jeff Berman


Here’s a fun game: Find a marketing campaign that *doesn’t* use the word "awesome". Time to kill it. (Also,

Erin Eby


"Just" needs to die. It's too often used to belittle the effort of another person, as in "I just need you to copy this dictionary by EOD."

James Ferrell

Web Designer

I would kill off the word 'normal'. Because there is no such thing as normal. Your normal is always someone else's weird.

Amanda Tramont

Account Manager

I'm literally over the word "literally." It's been overused to the point that it doesn't even have a real meaning anymore.

Jessica O'Brien

Social Marketing Manager

I would remove the word "anonymous." It's the only word that gives away my old speech disorder. I'm living "The King's Speech" 24/7.

Next up: What is good work?