Erin Eby


I like melodic instrumentals or non-English songs because they allow me to focus rather than sing along. Sophie Hunger is a go‑to.

Jessica O'Brien

Social Marketing Manager

This is embarrassing. "Clarity" by Zedd - Dubstep remix. Heavy fast beats with simple lyrics help me focus on whatever I am trying to do.

James Ferrell

Web Designer

The way I'm wired, music (and sound in general) demands my full attention. So silence actually helps me focus. It's a cop out, I know.

Amanda Tramont

Account Manager

"Clair de Lune" is my jam. Classical music is so calming. I also listen to meditation & spa music. When I'm relaxed, I'm most productive.

Carolyn Rodgers

Graphic Designer

I love listening to Broadway musical soundtracks, familiar stories help me focus. Also everyone on Broadway is crazy talented and inspiring!

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