How to market a disruptive technology

When we started working with Beacon in 2008, they were fewer than 50 people. They’re now more than 1,000, and growing. How does that happen? Beacon developed a new, data-driven model that changes the way behavioral care is managed and provided. Then, we helped them get that message not only delivered to, but heard by healthcare providers, purchasers, and members online, in print, and everywhere else.


The rays of light in our evolution of the logo symbolize Beacon’s core idea of discovering better solutions in mountains of healthcare data.

Posters in providers’ offices are one small way Beacon reminds them that Beacon stands for doing the right thing.

Beacon has to speak simultaneously to three very different audiences: people who need care, healthcare providers, and decision makers in companies managing it. Not an easy job for one website.

Why print ads? When we can reach a targeted group with a specific message, they work.

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