The answer seems obvious once you hear it

When we started with them, this company was called xRefer. Our first task was renaming and rebranding one of the first and best authoritative alternatives to Wikipedia. We considered more than 100 names before landing on Credo Reference.


In creating a new visual identity for the brand, our goal was to communicate the breadth of Credo’s source materials, from ancient texts to digital publications.

Introducing the new brand at tradeshows for librarians, this printed piece gave a literate audience a look at how Credo, for the first time, allowed search across credible sources.

The website and tool itself needed to be clear and user-friendly, or no one would use it.

At a time when Wikipedia was filled with inaccurate and uncredited facts, Credo was positioned as a trustworthy alternative.

Credo Reference has become a standard research tool in libraries and academic research. And they’re good people, too.

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