The best digital security is powered by people

To many decision makers, digital security means servers and firewalls. What they don’t think about is people. We separated Digital Hands from the managed-services pack by showing that it takes the best people to deliver effective digital security. And the best people are found at Digital Hands.

Lead messages illustrate how leading-edge technology is essential to digital security only when deployed by people who know how best to use it.

The Digital Hands homepage puts their people front and center. This fully responsive site uses original photography and a distinctive illustrative style to bring a unique energy to the Digital Hands brand.

To attract the best digital talent, this HR-centric site challenges IT experts while showcasing the advantages of working at the best firm.

Playing on the special ops feel of the GSOC web site, these infographics highlight what sets Digital Hands apart, utilizing the night-vision look established for the high-level operations team.

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