26 miles is a long way to run, which is why there are now half marathons. But 13 miles is still borderline crazy. Even 6.5 miles, or 3, or 1.5 is asking a lot.

The Half Half Half Half Half Marathon is reasonable, roughly .826 miles. And that ties in nicely with nonprofit youth writing center 826 Boston, who were looking for a fresh idea for an annual Spring event to bring together donors and volunteers.

So we brought the idea to them. And they liked it, so much they thought it could raise $25,000 right out of the blocks, in just a few weeks. And we said, Really?

With any new logo we ask ourselves: If you were given a T-shirt with this thing on it and you didn’t know what it was, would you wear it?

Printed materials included a poster and a schedule with course orientation and a tear-off runner bib.

On Facebook, volunteers and team members were encouraged to share the campaign on their own social pages using the hashtag #Halfx5Marathon. And they did.

We created two Snapchat Geofilters. Snapchat themselves loved the idea of the race, and even cut us a deal for the filters. Please don’t tell anyone.

Runners/walkers/amblers shared pictures on social, even smack in the middle of the thing.

We created Crowdrise and Facebook pages that encouraged volunteers and team members to share the campaign on social using the hashtag #Halfx5Marathon. And they did, hundreds of times.

And it turns out it worked. 826 raised more than $26,000 to support kids’ literacy, and we created a sustainable, annual event.

Next up: Philo