Getting students to cut the cord but keep the content

Philo came to us with a name, a killer product, and a question: How do we convince college kids to embrace an unknown service that changes their TV viewing habits?

With Philo, students have the power to watch live broadcasts and recorded TV on nearly any device. So we set out to prove to students that they could get the content they loved without being chained to a box in their room.

Our back-to-school blitz embraces students’ hectic lifestyles by putting their favorite shows in a new context.

Through posters, digital signs, table tents, and door hangers, we show students how they can tune into what they want to watch, wherever and whenever they choose.

To reach university administrators who make purchase decisions, and IT directors who implement the solution, we created brochures and tradeshow banners highlighting the benefits to student life and the ease of integrating Philo with their existing infrastructure.

As Philo began reaching out to multiple audiences, we created brand guidelines that Philo’s partners and employees can embrace. Earnest without being serious, the brand book is more trail map than rule book.

We then extended the brand to business cards, templates, and presentation materials.


Philo has spread from six to more than 20 campuses in less than a year. The advertising campaign and marketing materials have been cited by clients as keys to choosing Philo, by persuading students to use the service and improving the quality of campus life.

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