Growing by redefining the mission

Elementary schools generally attract families with parents who attended a similar school. Private school parents tend to send their kids to private schools, and likewise for religious and public schools. The Rashi School, a reform Jewish day school founded less than 30 years ago, has a relatively small number of alumni parents, nowhere near enough to fill their classrooms. Where would students come from?

Our audience research led to the realization that the attraction of Rashi was in getting parents to consider the value of a values-based education. The Rashi School offers a unique alternative to public schools, with a curriculum of inter-related courses, differentiated instruction focused students’ varied learning strengths, and ethical values at the center of everything.

A viewbook and updated web site invite parents to consider not only their child’s schooling, but the person she will become.

Print and web advertising highlight Rashi’s joyful approach to elementary school education.

The look and energy of the refreshed Rashi messaging and design was carried over to materials for current families, donors, and other supporters of the school.

To introduce families with young children to Rashi, we worked with the client to introduce Curious Minds, where preschoolers could spend a couple of hours in a holiday-themed activity at the school.


We set out to grow enrollment in The Rashi School by 20% over five years. Following the multimedia campaign carrying the new messaging and design, the school reached its enrollment goal two years ahead of schedule.

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