Asset tracking should do more than track assets

For decades, companies with assets in motion had little or no information on where they were or even whether they were still in one piece. Senaya’s technology provides real-time information on not only the location but the detailed status of goods far beyond the warehouse. But with no brand presence, Senaya was invisible to the people who could use their solutions.

To make Senaya visible to their prospects, we helped rename the company, created a new logo and visual identity, a new web site and updated sales presentation. Now, people managing supply chains are raising their expectations of what asset management can do.


Senaya’s new logo is based upon their unique hardware/software solution, playing upon their position straddling high-tech big data and ground-based supply-chain logistics.

We use design elements from the logo to draw viewers’ attention to the newly expanded ability to track and measure assets in motion, almost as if those deploying the Senaya solution are accompanying their goods on their journeys.

This fully responsive site makes a complex technology clear to three very different decision-making audiences: Finance, Operations, and IT.

We created an icon style that makes an advanced technology easy to understand. By using graphics to communicate how Senaya’s platform works and what it can tell customers about the status of their assets, we convey the powerful simplicity of Senaya’s technology compared to other supply chain management tools.

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