Fixing snacking

Kids prefer cookies to fruit, and that’s hard to change. So when ChildObesity180 asked us to create a campaign to promote healthy snacks, we set out to redefine what snacking should be, replacing the junk that sneaks into afterschool programs with fresh produce.

The result is SnackItUp, a multi-media campaign aimed at getting coaches, troop leaders, and parents to change what snacking means.


We created the SnackItUp brand with a not-so-subtle message to upgrade your snacks. The typeface and colors help us appeal to both adults and kids.

Swag items remind adults to fill their grocery bags with the good stuff.

It’s not easy to change snacking. Partnering with supermarket chains, SnackItUp offers discounts on healthy snacks to program leaders.

Recipes and easy tips help make it easier for leaders to bring better snacks to afterschool programs across the country.

We created materials to foster partnerships between grocery stores and youth activity leaders.

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